SEO Consulting

6:47 PM
Advanet focus on improving the website so that it would become search engine friendly for specified keywords. The best natural search engine results are achieved by acquiring links directed to target website and modifying the meta tags and HTML code of the webpages. Please contact Advanet for SEO free analysis.

Below it the SEO process step by step:

1. Identify measurable client objectives and goals.
2. Perform Internet competitive intelligence.
3. Perform keyword analysis and research.
4. Keyword frequency across all webpages.
5. Analysis of the current website design.
6. Ratings of the inbound links.
7. Create strategic plan.
8. Placement of the key terms on the webpages.
9. SEO process which involves website code optimisation.
10. Manual submissions to the most popular search engines and directories.
11. Report and analyse the website statistics.

Advanet methodology confirms to SEO best practice
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